Training the next generation of EuroPeers UK

Street action in Liverpool, part of the EuroPeers International Training Course

The EuroPeers International Training Course is one of many networking activities that young people can find through the European Solidarity Corps. 

By collaborating with initiatives such as EuroPeers UK, these activities are aimed towards young people, such as those who are registered on to the European Solidarity Corps portal. Opportunities are also available for youth organisations, educators and trainers.

This February saw the first ever UK EuroPeers International Training Course. If you are unfamiliar with the initiative’s work, we’ll help you get up to speed.

EuroPeers was first formed in 2005 by the German National Agency for Erasmus+, working as a network of young people who have gone abroad to study, work or volunteer. In their role as EuroPeers, they aim to promote the benefits of opportunities abroad to other young people and share their own personal stories.

EuroPeers in the UK began in 2016 and is managed by an organisation named Momentum World, on behalf of the UK National Agency for Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps. 

EuroPeers International Training Course

This exciting event, which included a street action activity, was held at the Foresight Centre in Liverpool where 30 young people from 13 different countries were welcomed as new EuroPeers. 

Jessica Sitzenfrey, a previous European Voluntary Service participant, was one of these attendees to the International Training Course. She recounts her experience:

Jessica Sitzenfrey during one of training sessions with EuroPeers UK in Liverpool
Jessica Sitzenfrey (centre) during one of the sessions with EuroPeers in Liverpool


“During the course, we learnt so much from each other. Everybody shared their personal experiences with Erasmus+.

We’ve created a great platform for improving skills and actively seeking challenges in various aspects.” 

“In the beginning, we had to introduce ourselves to get out of our comfort zones. This wasn’t easy for me. But it made me relate to the other participants way better. Energizers and challenges also took place, forming us together into a group where we came up with ideas to organise projects or youth exchanges, both national and international.

“Many of the participants already had experience with planning and running projects. I found this a great benefit to hear how they started their projects and how to organise them. 

“There was also an enriching visit from the UK National Agency, who spoke to us about the European Solidarity Corps. We now have a lot more information about the programme and they answered all my questions.

“I’m very grateful for every moment I shared and I’m really looking forward to creating my own projects one day!”

Are you interested in joining these types of activities? From 2-3 May 2019, volunteers and organisations will come together, and explore the initial phases of the volunteer journey through the European Solidarity Corps. 

They will discuss the selection and recruitment of volunteers, placement support and management, as well as providing support for those with fewer opportunities. You can find out more information about the event on our registration page.

Keep updated with the latest events or activities on our webpage on Networking Activities.


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