Top tips for submitting your European Solidarity Corps application

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You’ve completed your application, and now you’re ready to submit it. Before clicking that ‘submit’ button, be sure to consider whether you have included absolutely everything necessary.

Take a look at some of our top tips for correctly submitting your application under the European Solidarity Corps:

Finalising the application

To complete a grant proposal for the European Solidarity Corps, you will need to access the European Solidarity Corps web form portal. The web forms have been designed to be as user-friendly as possible with a number of features, which include allowing you to make changes to the form whenever you wish, as well as being able share it with others.

Remember to read through the respective guide for applicants and all relevant material before writing your proposal – preparation is key. Take your time, and once you’re sure that you have worked through all the sections of the form, double check the following:

  • Have I selected the National Agency of the country in which my organisation is established?
  • Have I completed my application using one of the official languages of the European Solidarity Corps Participating Countries?
  • Are all mandatory fields in the application form marked with a green tick? Only once all the sections are green, will you be able to submit your application.

Uploading your annexes

The application form is not the only document that is required to submit a grant proposal under the European Solidarity Corps. An integral part of this process is also the submission of some very important annexes. Take a look at the information below, and check that you have attached all the necessary documents.

  • Have I printed, signed, scanned and annexed the Declaration of Honour? Is it signed by the Legal Representative stated in my application?
  • Have I completed the project Timetable of Activities, and has this been annexed to my form? (relevant to ESC11 projects)
  • Do I want to include any additional documents that might be connected to my proposal?


If you have completed the previous steps, you may now be ready to finalise your application process. Remember, you should only submit an application form once you are happy with the finished product. When all sections of your application form are valid (i.e. marked with a green tick) and you have annexed all the required documents, the ‘submit’ button on the left-hand side, at the bottom of the screen, will become active. You are now ready to click that button!

The UK National Agency advises that you print the final and completed version of the web form and retain it for your own records.

Next steps

The next application deadline for the European Solidarity Corps is Tuesday 1 October 2019 (11am, UK time).

We wish you the best of luck with your applications! If you have any doubts or queries regarding the submission process, contact the European Solidarity Corps UK team.


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