Solidarity Projects: what you can do

group of young people discussing project

Are you working with young people? Do you know any group of proactive young people who have an idea and are looking for accessible funding?

Introduce them to Solidarity Projects – a youth-led activity under the European Solidarity Corps, where informal groups of at least five young people can get funding to run a project in the UK, lasting between two and 12 months. The funding can help them to bring positive change to their local communities, have their voices heard and develop valuable skills.

Each group must have a clearly defined topic that they wish to explore together, with concrete daily activities that involve all the participants in a local community action. Get them inspired by examples of Youth Initiatives projects from the predecessor programme ‘Youth in Action’, which had similar elements to Solidarity Projects.

Applying for Solidarity Projects is a straightforward process – no need for partners abroad nor prior accreditation. The application form asks questions such as why they want to carry out this project, the benefits to the community, and what activities they will be carrying out.

The first deadline for Solidarity Projects applications in 2019 is 7 February (11am, UK time) – the same as Volunteering Projects and Traineeships and Jobs. Check the application support available and encourage them to apply now.

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