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Solidarity Projects: empowering young people


UK organisations can help groups of proactive young people to apply for Solidarity Projects funding.

If you know a group of young people or individuals who are looking to work within their community or with a cause that matters to them, introduce them to Solidarity Projects as an accessible and empowering way to have their voices heard.

Solidarity Projects is a youth-led activity under the European Solidarity Corps, where informal groups of at least five young people can get funding to run a project in the UK, lasting between two and 12 months.

The funding can help them to address issues in their communities, target a specific group or develop local opportunities, while giving them a valuable non-formal learning experience.

Organisation’s role and coaching

This action under the Solidarity Corps has elements similar to Youth Initiatives funding from the predecessor programme ‘Youth in Action’.

Each group must have a clearly defined topic that they wish to explore together, with concrete daily activities that involve all the participants in a local community action. 

They can choose to work with an experienced organisation, which can apply for funding on their behalf and help the group with administrative and financial processes. They can be supported by a coach (someone with youth work experience, for example), who would facilitate the learning process. 

Costs of project management, coaching and support to participants with fewer opportunities are supported in this activity.

Applying for Solidarity Projects is a straightforward process – no need for partners abroad or prior accreditation. The application form asks questions such as why they want to carry out this project, the benefits to the community, and what activities they will be carrying out. 

The project can be part-time, and all participants must be registered in the European Solidarity Corps’ portal. 

Who can take part

Organisations: any public or private organisation can apply on behalf of a group of young people (please note this is a youth-led activity)

Young people: a group of minimum five young people aged 18-30 from an EU Member State. They must be registered on the European Solidarity Corps portal to initiate and participate in a Solidarity Project.

Application process 

See guidance for application and upcoming deadlines available on our Run your own project webpage for young people.

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