Registered on the Solidarity Corps portal? Let the journey begin!

Posted on 23-05-2019
Young people registered on the Solidarity Corps portal can send placement applications

If you are between 18-30 years old and you have already registered on the European Solidarity Corps portal – great! Now, you may be thinking, what next?

Take a look at the steps below and learn what to expect on the next stage of your European Solidarity Corps journey!

1. Send a placement application or wait to be contacted by an organisation

If you have searched on the portal and found a placement you are interested in, you can send an application directly to the organisation.

When contacting an organisation, introduce yourself and tell them what you might be able to bring to the project (enclose your CV, for instance, and give your European Solidarity Corps participant registrant number).

Accepting an offer must be done formally through the portal and will officially recognise your participation in the project.

2. Receive a contact request 

Depending on your preference, you may receive an email, text message or notification on the European Solidarity Corps mobile app informing you that an organisation is interested in your profile. At this point, you will be able to accept or decline the contact request.

If you accept the contact request, an organisation will be able to message you directly, providing you with more information about the placement, location, timeframes and the activities involved.

If you think that is not for you, you can decline the contact request. Also, you have the option to temporarily hide your profile from organisations or delete your account.

3. Accept or decline an offer

Following a discussion, the organisation may wish to send you an offer. If an organisation offers you a position on their project, you do not have to agree to take up their offer – the decision on whether or not to join a project is always completely up to you.

It is important to remember, when accepting an offer it must be done formally through the portal which will officially recognise your participation in the project.

It is the hosting organisation's responsibility to put you into contact with the supporting organisation from your country of origin.

4. Start with the practical arrangements for your placement

If you decide to accept an offer, you will, with the help of the organisation, begin to prepare for your placement. As a hosting organisation, it is their responsibility to put you into contact with one of their partners for their project, who will be the supporting organisation from your country of origin.

From this point onwards, this organisation will assist you in organising travel and ensuring that you have the correct insurance and documentation before you begin your project.

5. Begin your adventure!

Now that all the arrangements are in place, you are ready to start your European Solidarity Corps placement. Embark on the adventure and discover the world of opportunities waiting for you!

Want to see other people’s experiences with the Solidarity Corps? Check out other participants’ stories and get inspired!



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