Quality Label: your gateway to the European Solidarity Corps

Posted on 31-10-2019
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Acquiring the Quality Label is a key step for any organisation wanting to get involved in the European Solidarity Corps, and has the potential to open your organisation up to a world of possibilities.

The Quality Label is a pre-requisite for participation in two of the actions of the initiative (Volunteering, and Traineeships and Jobs). It is an organisation’s entry ticket to the programme, although the certification does not automatically lead to a European Solidarity Corps project grant.

Quality Label holders, and the activities they deliver, are expected to bring positive and long-lasting effects for the participants and organisations involved, as well as for the communities in which these actions take place.

By obtaining a Quality Label, an organisation has the potential to:

  • Increase its capacity to operate at international levels;
  • Introduce innovative and better ways of engaging with target groups; and
  • Obtain a greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity.

What’s more, the Quality Label allows organisations to gain access to the European Solidarity Corps Placement Administration and Support System (PASS) database, which showcases the profiles of hundreds of organisations and more than 161,000 young people across Europe.

Without a Quality Label or relevant Erasmus+ accreditation, an organisation cannot be active in the European Solidarity Corps, so if your organisation is interested in taking part, read our guidance and apply now.

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