Quality Label: “It works as a benchmark for us”

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Acquiring a Quality Label is a key step for any organisation wanting to get involved in the European Solidarity Corps and has the potential to open your organisation up to innovative approaches. 

If you’re not a Quality Label holder yet, now is the perfect time to apply for the certification and get a chance to access Volunteering and Traineeships and Jobs funding in Round 3 (1 October 2020, 11am UK time). These projects can start between 1 January 2021 and 31 May 2021 and will be funded for the whole duration.

Get inspired by the testimonial from a UK organisation who recently got the certification awarded:

Besides the Quality Label being the admission prerequisite for project application, it also works as a benchmark for us. It is that external recognition that our organisation fits certain standards on the background of others, and it is certainly good to have.

Being a Quality Label holder allows us to have a reassuring leverage in disseminating our work and spreading the word.

The certification allows organisations to gain access to the European Solidarity Corps Placement Administration and Support System (PASS) database, which showcases the profiles of hundreds of organisations and more than 230,000 young people across Europe.

Quality Label holders, and the activities they deliver, are expected to bring positive and long-lasting effects for the participants and organisations involved, as well as for the communities in which these actions take place.

This certification is an organisation’s entry ticket to the programme, and the first step in applying for a European Solidarity Corps project grant. However, if your organisation already has a valid accreditation for the European Voluntary Service (EVS) or Erasmus+ Volunteering, you do not need to apply for the Quality Label.

You can also find out more in less than five minutes by watching our video about the Quality Label.

Check out our guidance and apply for the Quality Label now, in time for the Round 3 funding deadline. 

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