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Quality Label


Any organisation wishing to apply for European Solidarity Corps funding for Volunteering or Traineeships and Jobs projects must have a certification called the Quality Label. This includes signing up to the European Solidarity Corps Charter.

The Quality Label is designed to ensure consistently high standards in Solidarity Corps activities and to help organisations find partners. It is your organisation's gateway to the European Solidarity Corps, but it does not automatically lead to a project grant.

Who is the Quality Label for
Scope and roles
When to apply

All organisations involved in a Volunteering project (applicant and all partners) should have a Quality Label, as well as Traineeships and Jobs applicants. It must be in place before you apply for funding, and it is valid for the duration of the initiative (2018-2020). Informal groups of young people cannot apply for this certification as they are not eligible to be applicants for volunteering projects. 

Once you have the Quality Label, you can access the Placement Administration and Support System (PASS), where you can search for participants or attract young people to your projects by promoting your opportunities.

If your organisation already has a valid accreditation for the European Voluntary Service (EVS) or Erasmus+ Volunteering, you do not need to apply for the Quality Label. You have automatic access to PASS.

Your organisation can apply for different scopes and roles of Quality Label, depending on the activities you would like to carry out, as well as for a combination of several Quality Labels:

  • Volunteering – supporting and/or host role
  • Traineeships
  • Jobs

The roles of each organisation in a Solidarity Corps project is highlighted in the charter, which can be found in the Quality Label application form. It also states the main principles and quality standards of the Solidarity Corps and it is the basis for the certification.

Applications can be submitted at any time, and take about eight weeks to be processed.

Since it is a requirement for funding applications, your organisation should submit the Quality Label form well before a deadline. This way, you will minimise the risk of not being eligible to apply for funding.

Additional resources

Check out our additional resources on the Quality Label and share them with partner organisations:

Application process

Who can apply: any organisation wishing to take part in a European Solidarity Corps Volunteering project, as well as Traineeships and Jobs applicants

How to apply: check the 'Open Calls' tab for the ESC52 Quality Label web form

Guidance for application:

Next deadline: ongoing

The validity of all existing, valid Quality Label and Erasmus+ volunteering accreditations is now extended by one year, to 31 December 2021. Find out more

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