New corrigendum to the 2019 European Solidarity Corps Guide

European Solidarity Corps news

The European Commission (EC) has now published a second corrigendum (701 KB) to the 2019 European Solidarity Corps Guide (2.7 MB).

The corrigendum includes changes to the following points:

  • Eligible Countries: the suspensive clause about Turkey’s participation has been taken out, as a bilateral agreement has been reached;
  • Volunteering Teams in high priority areas: changes in description of the action, eligibility criteria, and deadline, which now is on 24 January 2020 (11am, UK time); and 
  • Solidarity Projects: Iceland and North Macedonia have been added in the Coaching costs table.

We recommend to all applicants that you read the new corrigendum in order to ensure you are compliant with the Guide. The previous corrigendum (814 KB) was published in April (available for reference purposes only).

At the UK National Agency we are updating our resources, including guidance notes for applicants, to reflect changes as needed. These updates will be published on the relevant pages on this website when available.

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