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Networking Activities


Ensure you make the most of what the European Solidarity Corps community can offer by taking part in our Networking Activities. You will learn from peers and experts, whilst receiving financial support to take part. Find out how these events work, who they are for and how to apply for this type of funding.

Networking Activities are events arranged by National Agencies to encourage collaboration across projects within the European Solidarity Corps and to share experiences. These events can range from small-scale training seminars to wider networking and themed events. They may have a focus on exchanging practices and knowledge, building your organisation or group’s capacity to run a project or support with outreach, evaluation, strategic dissemination and more. 

The activities aim to boost the capacity of organisations to offer higher quality projects to European Solidarity Corps participants. Organisations across Europe have the chance to gather and make contacts or find partners for future projects that can transform young people’s lives.

There will be a wide variety of in-country and cross-borders events covering topics such as attracting newcomers, building partnerships between organisations, inclusion, employability and entrepreneurship. 

You can find details about upcoming opportunities and how to apply on our calendar.

Who are Networking Activities for?

Each event will have a specific target group, including:

  • organisations (public and private, social enterprises, NGOs and other) active in the fields of the European Solidarity Corps as well as stakeholders acting as multipliers in these areas;
  • educators, trainers, youth workers; and
  • young people – in particular those registered on the European Solidarity Corps portal, participants carrying out/having carried out a placement, participants awaiting placement, as well as pupils, students, volunteers and trainees.

Collaboration with EuroPeers UK

Some Networking Activities for young people are organised by the UK National Agency in collaboration with EuroPeers UK. The initiative works as a network of young people who previously studied, worked or volunteered abroad. 

If you have ever taken part in a youth project (for example, under the European Voluntary Service (EVS) or a youth exchange) and had an amazing experience, you may be interested in joining the EuroPeers network. 

Members of the group receive training, advice and resources to support their activities. In the UK, the initiative is managed by Momentum World, on behalf of the UK National Agency for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps.

Available funding

Selected participants based in the UK will receive up to 100% reimbursement of reasonable travel costs to take part in Networking Activities. Accommodation and meals are usually provided by the event organisers or the UK National Agency. 

For more information, please contact the team via email.

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