‘Making a difference’ in the UK and Europe

Delegates at ESC launch event October 2018

The first week of October marks a major milestone in the journey of the European Solidarity Corps. The new initiative is given the green light by the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament in the same week as the official launch of the European Solidarity Corps in the UK.

Mr Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Affairs, spoke passionately at the UK launch of the new European Union programme at Central Hall, Westminster. He highlighted the importance of young people having opportunities to take up placements and exchanges across the UK and Europe and endorsed the value of the new initiative.

“The European Solidarity Corps will allow young people to share cultures, ideas and realities. Not just for days, but for months and years at a time,” said the MP, a former participant in the predecessor European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme.

The new regulation for the European Solidarity Corps, which entered into force on 5 October, provides a separate budget and legal base for the initiative from the Erasmus+ programme. The regulation confirms an overall allocation of 375.6 million euro committed until 2020, with a focus on providing quality opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities.

UK organisations of all sizes, from multinational companies to small NGOs working in local communities, which support social action and promote social inclusion, can apply to take part in this funding.

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