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Make a difference


The European Solidarity Corps is a chance to bring change while feeling part of something positive and developing skills. Activities could be in the UK or across Europe, volunteering or work experience. What’s more, you can get some financial support while taking part.

It all starts with a quick registration on the European Solidarity Corps portal. This platform works as a matching tool between young people and organisations of all types which run projects that benefit people and society.

From big multinational companies to small NGOs working in local communities, organisations use the portal for promoting opportunities and searching for candidates.

It is also a space where you can connect with like-minded people between 18 and 30 years old.

There is a wide range of activities on the portal that can be divided into two main groups: volunteering and working (called ‘occupational strand’).

If you decide to volunteer, you will not receive a wage but will be entitled to travel, lodging and subsistence expenses as well as insurance coverage for the duration of the activity. You will receive relevant training before you start and after you arrive on site.

If you go for a job placement, there will always be a formal labour contract and a wage in line with national laws, regulations and collective agreements.

After participating in a project, you get a certificate that can be used when applying for jobs or further learning.

Choose your destination
Not ready to go abroad?

Europe has fantastic destinations, with such a variety of landscapes and cultures to be explored. With the Solidarity Corps, you can have the chance to get involved with projects taking place in 54 countries.

Depending on the activity and the organisation you are in touch with, it is also possible to go beyond Europe.

The perfect destination is always the place that offers the best opportunity for you. Check our countries page to see where you can go.

You don’t need to go far away to take social action. If you prefer to give back to your own community, you can volunteer or work in your country. Find out more on our Run your own project page.

You will be able to find European Solidarity Corps’ activities that suit the time you have to get involved with. Placements and projects usually last between two and 12 months, depending on the activity.

For people with fewer opportunities, there is a possibility for shorter placements – from two weeks to two months. This is also how long volunteering team's activities last.