#InspiringInclusion at the heart of European Solidarity Corps

Posted on 03-07-2019
Cinzia Savonitti, European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteer, has taken part in an inclusive project

We know that our funded projects can change lives, and one of the core aims of the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ is to promote equality and inclusion by facilitating access to participants with fewer opportunities.

The UK National Agency has recently launched #InspiringInclusion, supporting organisations to make their projects more inclusive, highlighting the importance and benefits of engaging participants who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to gain new skills, travel and broaden their horizons.

Cinzia Savonitti's experience and UNA Exchange's project Step by Step are two inspiring examples of how participants benefit from inclusive projects.

Cinzia Savonitti, volunteer:

"My placement in Belfast was a life-changing experience for many reasons and it gave me the opportunity to experience many ‘firsts’ in my life."

European Solidarity Corps projects can have additional guidance and financial support to allow organisations to better accommodate the needs of young people with fewer opportunities, whether the barriers are a disability, a cultural difference or the area where a participant lives. 

Learn more about our strategy by watching the interview with Gavin Askew, the Inclusion and Diversity Officer for the UK National Agency.





Additional support under the European Solidarity Corps


As an organisation planning a project, make sure you consider whether any of your participants may have additional needs or require extra support, and include this information in your application.


Additional support could cover the cost of an accompanying person on a volunteering placement abroad, getting a passport or travelling from an isolated area, for example. Also, it’s important to look at the participants individually, helping them to lead the organisation on how they can be supported.


One of the best ways of finding out more about inclusion under European Solidarity Corps is to get involved with our Networking Activities, which offers financial support for organisations to take part in events with peers and experts. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep an eye on upcoming opportunities about this theme.


Also, find out about how to better support a wider range of participants by referring to the European Solidarity Corps Guide to see what additional support you can apply for. If you are unsure about what support could be available to your organisation, speak to our helpline staff who will be happy to talk you through the options.




Are you running an inclusive project? Join the conversation on social media by using #InspiringInclusion.





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