How EuroPeers can benefit your organisation

Posted on 31-10-2019
A group of new EuroPeers at a national training course in St Albans, near London

Did you know that EuroPeers could benefit your organisation? Olga Ambrosiewicz, EuroPeers UK project manager, shares how this international network for young people works, and the advantages it can bring for the organisations and individuals that get involved.

‘Beneficiary organisations have a first-hand understanding of how international opportunities with the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ can transform lives. Participating in volunteering, work placements, youth exchanges and training courses funded by these EU programmes boosts employability, exposes young people to new cultures, encourages them to learn new languages and often helps them to determine their future career path. 

Sharing one’s experience with programmes abroad not only contributes to the personal growth of the individual directly involved, but can also invigorate communities concentrated around the individual.

At EuroPeers UK, we recognise the need for ongoing, life-long learning. We serve as an Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps alumni network for young people aged 16-30 who are based in the UK and have international experience. By telling their own stories, EuroPeers inform, motivate and support other young people to get involved in life-changing international projects with the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+.

“Sharing one’s experience with programmes abroad not only contributes to the personal growth of the individual directly involved, but can also invigorate communities concentrated around the individual.”

EuroPeers UK is a youth-led network, supported by an Executive Team consisting of active members from all walks of life, with different skillsets and a common passion for sharing their own experiences and supporting others. EuroPeers have access to training, resources, and opportunities.

As EuroPeers, we organise presentations and workshops for schools, colleges and youth groups, and also attend education fairs and other events. We provide friendly personal mobility counselling to young people, both before and during their international activity, and invite them to join us afterwards.


Keeping the after-project momentum

Here is what Ellie, a EuroPeer based in Lancashire, had to say about her experience as part of the network:

“After international projects, I am left with an excess of energy, ideas and motivation to take action. I believe this is quite a common feeling. Before I got involved with EuroPeers, I wasn’t sure how to utilise this energy and would let it slowly dissipate. On joining the EuroPeers network in 2015, I have found it to not only capture and support this after-project momentum, but also to connect me with like-minded people and give me an opportunity to collaborate and put that energy to use!”

Ellie is passionate about filmmaking, and recently made a video on her volunteering experience in Hungary, recording the perspective of her family:



Ana, a EuroPeer based in Birmingham, joined the network earlier this year: 

“Being a EuroPeer has opened so many doors for me and has shown me that, after my experience with Erasmus+ in 2014/15, I can be involved in other projects and in other ways. EuroPeers gives you infinite opportunities to learn and develop yourself whilst also helping others.” 


Energise your community

We need your help to make EuroPeers UK a truly open network based on partnerships with people who understand the value of international youth and education activity. 

As an organisation, you should nominate a representative, and will benefit from:

  • the empowerment of young people as official links, facilitating a flow of information between partners;
  • an extended range of follow-up and next-step opportunities to offer young people;
  • having a louder collective voice on European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ related issues;
  • the opportunity to promote your own activities and results to a wider audience;
  • your organisation being featured on the EuroPeers UK website and social media.

If you are a beneficiary organisation and have young people in your community who would benefit from becoming involved in our network, please get in touch with us.’



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