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HMG Guarantee Registration


In the event that the UK leaves the EU with no agreement in place, UK applicants with successful Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps bids will be able to claim against the HMG guarantee.

Registering on the Cabinet Office Portal

The first part of the process is to register on the Cabinet Office Portal and we encourage beneficiary organisations to do so. 

For guidance on how to register you can watch the UK Government's video tutorial. Please note, this video shows a previous process for registering on the Cabinet Office Portal which required an Excel document. The system has now been updated to an online form but the data required to complete the registration has stayed the same. You will need to fill out the online form for each project that you are claiming against the HMG Guarantee.

Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps HMG Guarantee Portal

In order to progress your HMG Guarantee registration, you are required to submit further organisation and project details on the HMG Guarantee Portal. Those who have previously registered on the Cabinet Office Portal will receive an email with a link to the portal.

Download the HMG Guarantee registration guide (178 KB) for more information.

Please note, the HMG Guarantee has not been activated at this time and you will be asked to submit more details at a later date.

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