HEIs can help young people to gain skills with European Solidarity Corps 

Volunteering team planting trees

Higher education institutions can enhance their provision and community development plan with European Solidarity Corps funding.

Don’t miss this opportunity: the next deadline for funding applications is 1 October 2019 (11am)

Volunteering Projects is a type of activity under the Solidarity Corps that can cater to your student demographic to provide opportunities for all. Choose a range of volunteering activities in your project to overcome barriers to participation for young people aged 18-30. 

Options include:

  • activities can take place in the UK or abroad; 
  • activities can last between two weeks to 12 months (in-country and shorter activities are ideal for participants who cannot commit to longer durations or going abroad); 
  • participants can volunteer individually or in a group of 10-40 participants from two countries.

Make sure you are eligible for funding by the next deadline by applying for a Quality Label today. This free certification ensures consistently high standards in Solidarity Corps’ activities and helps organisations to find partners.

Get one-to-one advice from the UK National Agency on your project idea by submitting a Project Outline Form before 15 September 2019.

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