Get prepared for the new insurance enrolling process

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The European Commission will launch a new process for enrolling participants onto the European Solidarity Corps insurance scheme, simplifying the task for organisations.

In preparation for this change, beneficiaries must ensure that all eligible cross-border participants are input into Mobility Tool+.

This measure will affect Volunteering projects (ESC11) and Traineeships and Jobs projects (ESC21) for participants on activities lasting 60 days or more (excluding travel).

Before the launch of the new process, beneficiaries will need to:

  • ensure that all European Solidarity Corps participants enrolled on the insurance scheme are also available in Mobility Tool+;
  • input the information on the activities prior to the departure of the European Solidarity Corps participants from their sending country; and
  • keep the information linked to the insurance coverage up to date in Mobility Tool+.

This preparation will help avoid insuring the same participants twice in the new system. 

Automatic enrolment

In the new procedure, the enrolment will be completed automatically through Mobility Tool+ and the European Youth Portal (EYP), based on the information input into these systems. It will ensure accuracy of the data submitted to the insurance company (CIGNA).

The new process should take effect in early 2020, and an update will be released in due course to confirm the details. Enrolment of Erasmus+ volunteers will remain unchanged.

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