Get to know the Organisation Registration System

Woman introducing the Organisation Registration System to partners

The European Commission has a new platform for organisations with decentralised projects: the Organisation Registration System (ORS).

Launched in October 2019, the platform replaces the Participant Portal, allowing European Solidarity Corps organisations to register their details, manage their projects, as well as search for other organisations. Each organisation on the platform can be identified by its unique Organisation ID (OID).

Your ORS account is your organisation’s profile, holding basic information and supporting documents. It is also a channel for the UK National Agency to easily access information and required documents.

To apply for funding in 2020, you will need an Organisation ID 

Organisations that have already participated in a European Solidarity Corps or Erasmus+ project do not have to register on the new system. You will have automatically been assigned an OID, which you can find by searching for your existing PIC, using the Advanced Search function on the new platform.

For further support on registering your organisation, you can access the European Commission's Organisation Registration guide with your EU Login.

You will need an EU Login to register on the Organisation Registration System

EU Login is the European Commission’s user authentication service, allowing users to access a wide range of Commission information systems. To register on the ORS platform, you will need an EU Login. If you do not have an EU Login, you can download the European Commission's manual (3.13 MB) to find out how to obtain one.

If you have an existing EU Login, please continue to use this. You don’t need to create a new one to register and/or access your organisation’s information.

Are you applying for European Solidarity Corps funding in the first round of 2020? Find all the guidance you need.


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