Final phase of our free online course now live 

Posted on 15-09-2020
Young woman sitting at home office, taking part in a webinar

The fourth and final phase of the ‘Ready, Set, Make the Change!’ European Solidarity Corps online course is now live.

This free online course allows people interested in the programme to find out more about the opportunities it can provide in a flexible and interactive way.

The fourth phase of the course will cover life after volunteering, and good practice examples in empowerment and follow-up. These units aim to help beneficiaries to maximise the impact of their European Solidarity Corps projects. 

Additionally, there will be networking sessions for European Solidarity Corps projects. 

The course allows learners to interact through discussion forums where they can raise questions, share good practices and network.

Following the completion of each course unit, there are activities for learners to test their knowledge of the topics covered. Learners will be awarded an online badge for each unit of the course successfully completed, as well as a Youthpass certificate.

Previous phases of the course covered topics including Volunteering, Traineeship and Jobs and Solidarity Projects, and you can catch up with them now.

This is the first open and online European Solidarity Corps course. The UK National Agency, in cooperation with the European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre, coordinates and supports its implementation.

Register now on the HOP Online Platform to take part.

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