The European Solidarity Corps Projects Platform is now live

Posted on 09-10-2019
male sat at desk with laptop

The European Commission (EC) has launched the European Solidarity Corps Projects Platform.

This gives a comprehensive overview of projects funded by the initiative across Europe, and is integrated with the European Solidarity Corps Portal. The platform is publicly available to anyone.

Its purpose is to provide accessible information about funded projects, and to serve as a source of inspiration for potential applicants, as well as a source of information for young people. Users of the platform can search for information using keywords, project criteria (such as actions and topics) or applicant organisation criteria (filtering by country, for example).

Results can be downloaded as a spreadsheet, or using the booklet functionality, which helps users to generate an electronic booklet in the form of a pdf file, compiling the projects they choose. 

More functionalities will be released by the EC in the future.

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