Create your own Solidarity Project by using our planner

Posted on 19-07-2019
Young person filling in the Solidarity Project planner

Have an idea for a social action project, but don’t know where to start?

Use our new Solidarity Project planner to help you structure your project idea and make a difference – whether it is by helping your local community or around a cause that matters to you.

With Solidarity Projects, a group of at least five young people can apply for funding to carry out a project, which can last between two and 12 months.

With a simplified lay out, the planner will help you create the first draft of your project proposal. It guides you through essential points of a Solidarity Projects application such as its purpose, costs, what you expect to achieve and how the community and your group would benefit from it. 

You can download the planner from our ‘Before you apply’ section, which also gives you tips on what you will need to do before submitting a funding application for Solidarity Projects. 

If you are from an organisation working with proactive young people, introduce them to Solidarity Projects and get them hands-on with our new planner. Why not arrange a session in your community, and encourage young people to apply for funding by using our planner?

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