2020 Call – Round 2: Get expert advice on your project idea 

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Do you need some one-to-one advice on a potential application for European Solidarity Corps funding?

Just fill in one of our Project Outline Forms, and our experts will get back to you before the 2020 Call Round 2 deadline. New forms are available to download now. Please note, due to the impact of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Round 2 deadline has now been extended to 7 May 2020 (11am, UK time).

Whether you are new to European funding, or unsure if your plan fits into the initiative, the form is a tool to help you structure your project idea according to the activities under the Solidarity Corps and get personal feedback from the UK National Agency team. Just complete the form and send it back to us by 19 April 2020 to arrange a one-to-one telephone advice session.

You can access the forms under the ‘Application process’ section of each action on our website:

There is a further deadline later this year on 1 October. Get ready to make a difference and good luck with your submission!

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