2019 European Youth Week: young people in action

Posted on 07-06-2019
Young people took part in events such as Engaging Volunteers, Changing Lives in Manchester

With the theme “Democracy and me”, this year’s European Youth Week explored how young people can be active in society.

Engaging in voluntary work, improving a community, and discussing topics that matter to young people were key features at the week’s events.

Exhibition in Brussels

As part of the activities in Brussels for the Week, Birmingham-based Hidden Voices took part in an exhibition with FEMpower!, an Erasmus+ project on gender equality and female empowerment. 

Selected as the UK representative in the exhbition, FEMpower! was an Erasmus+ youth exchange organised by Hidden Voices, an informal group of young people. The activities took place in 2018, with 40 young people from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and UK looking at the causes of gender imbalance and discussing how to tackle it.

The exhibition was on display for two days in the centre of the European Union Institutions providing great visibility for this UK-based organisation.

Co-founders of Hidden Voices in Brussels


Elizabeth Bull-Domican and Shamas Khan, co-founders of Hidden Voices, attended the event in Brussels and share with us their highlights:

“During European Youth Week, Hidden Voices attended talks and round table discussions led by European leaders and inspirational young change makers around topics such as: how can we help to include migrants in our society, committing to more young women in politics and decision-making in a global perspective, stepping up action against climate change and citizens vs trolls.”

“The event was surrounded by an air of hope and prosperity. Hidden Voices walked away with a sense of pride and responsibility to the leaders of tomorrow.”

Events in the UK

In the UK, over 900 people were expected to host and take part in activities during the week, including:

  • Eurodesk UK organising a session in partnership with High Oak Youth Community Centre from Dudley for participants from EquAll – Youth Exchange on gender and equality, an Erasmus+ project. Young people from Greece, Romania, Spain and the UK had the opportunity to learn more and discuss about active citizenship, gender equality and Solidarity Corps opportunities during event.
  • the UK National Agency hosting the Engaging Volunteers, Changing Lives event in Manchester, part of our Networking Activities. During two days, UK organisations and volunteers discussed how make the most of volunteering opportunities under the Solidarity Corps. 


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